The Rider’s Playlist With Daniel Loosli

The Rider’s Playlist Project goes a bit deeper on the sounds that drive our community. For this edition, we caught up with Daniel Loosli, a guy who knows a thing or two about tastes and style. A fresh point of view, an eclectic mix… here we go again.

Hi Daniel. You’re the second subject for this project. We know you’re listening to a lot of music while you’re riding. Could you tell us more about it?
Well, I always have some headphones in my ears, even if I’m not listening any music. It goes so far that I even wear headphones sometimes without plugging them in, because I’m so used to it. For me, listening to music while I’m riding is a need. I can’t ride well without it. It also influences my style a lot. I would say I don’t ride the same when I’m listening to trap, as I do when I listen to post punk, for example.

Would you like to share your playlist with us?
Of course.

Thanks! How does this playlist improve your riding?
I think it helps me a lot to focus on my style and can change it with every genre. I like listening to trap to do some rail shit and otherwise Metallica for some fast lines like in powder. I think I ride differently with each genre.

Interesting. Could you talk about the emotions the music provokes in you?
Well music keeps me up and can also bring me down. It can even bring out some aggression and really channel almost every feeling, and I’m glad its like that. When I’m ready to send it, I would say that my favorite genre is post-punk, bands like The Exploding Boy, for example.

Is there a group that you were listening to both as a child, and still today?
Led Zepplin. My Dad showed me that band when I was young and I was loving it, and it’s still like that. The first song I heard from them was Stairway to Heaven. I’m still big fan of that song.

Do you remember the best concert you ever went to?
Easy choice: Bloody Beetroots with the Deathcrew 77, already 10 Years ago. It was super aggressive. The best mosh pit I’ve even been in. I almost died… haha.

Glad you didn’t! And what’s your favorite video part, musically speaking?
Bode Merrill / It Was Romance – Hooking up With Girls

Can you explain what makes it strong?
It depends on the Riding. I love street parts with songs like that. It seems so peaceful and beautiful instead of when you use trap.

Same question that we asked Flo… You’re stranded on a deserted island with only one album, what would it be?
Metallica – Kill em All. I really like every song on that one – thats it… haha. I mean I’m almost never that stoked on every track on an album. And it would motivate me to move my ass. I would probably get so hyped that I’d find a way to build a boat and travel the world from that island.

Haha great project, we’re curious to see your boat! One last question, what type of music makes you want to kill the DJ?
If it fits the mood I can listening to everything. I’d just kill him if he couldn’t fit the mood.

Thank you for your time Daniel! We’re happy to have another playlist to hear. Next time, we’ll try to guess what you’re listening to on your headphones just by the trick that you send. That would be funny… haha.

Thanks to you!