Framed With Marinho Meyer

Last spring I was scrolling down my instagram, when I saw a skier literally jumping out of my feed. So I scrolled up and down frantically to try to understand what the f*** was going on. After a small reflection I eventually got it. Marinho was pranking me with his new insta project: #framed. A few months later, he’s released a full video, based on the #framed concept. It felt like a good opportunity to have a little chat with him in an attempt to understand what’s really going on with all of these frames. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to scroll down to read our little conversation with Marinho…

Hey Marinho, can you introduce yourself?
I’m 22 years old. I’m a Skier. I grew up in Saas-Fee and I still live there. It’s pretty cool to grow up here because you can ski all year long and the park in summer has been really sick over the last ten years. In winter, the park is pretty small, but it can be quite fun to shred. And of course it’s always nice to have a few beers at the apres ski bars in town after the session.

Yeah Saas-Fee must be such a nice place to grow up in.
What about the #framed concept? How did you come up with this idea?

It came pretty much out of nowhere. Last spring I was in Italy and I enjoyed some good food! One day I was sorting out some clips and I got the idea of making a 3D illusion on insta. I found that flat 5 from Adelboden and tried some masking/keying. It worked out super well and I posted it on the same day. I got a lot of good feedback, so I thought about doing more clips in that way and went for it.

Every clip is based on the same “technique” which is done very easily. I basically used keying and masking in every single clip and then just tried out different ways of framing them.

Think out of the frame

Yeah, it felt quite refreshing to see something different on the Gram.
What’s your opinion about social media and it’s impact on our community?

Good question… I think that social media has some good and some bad sides. On one hand, everyone can share their footage with a big crowd. But on the other hand, it loses a bit of the appreciation that it should get. I feel like sometimes when I scroll down my feed I see a crazy trick and then I just keep scrolling straight to the next clip without even really looking at the person/account.

I think we all probably scroll down without paying too much attention sometimes.
But how was it to adapt an insta concept to a full video, did it come naturally?

Well, it’s not the same concept. I started editing this longer video without any concept in this direction. But when the edit was around 4 min long I felt like it wasn’t so special, so I had the idea of adding some animations and “Phone effects”. That’s how it ended up like that.

Yeah, it’s nice that you came up with a full video like this!
Do you think that insta is slowly killing the season edits? What’s the point of waiting the whole year to come up with a full video if you can constantly post clips on social medias?

I would say 100% yes. A video that goes longer than 1 min is boring to a lot of people. Insta makes it so easy to find crazy good ski/snowboard clips as I already said. For me, the video I made is really just something I wanted to do for myself and hopefully some people will take their time to watch the full cut. I feel like the amount of work (skiing, filming, editing, etc.) behind those longer edits is so big comparing to the amount of people who will watch it in the end.

Marinho chasing rectangles

I guess 416 was a big project to work on…
Can you tell us a bit more about the whole filming process and the people involved?

It’s by far one of the longest edits I’ve done so far and it’s a mashup from the last 2 winters. In fact I called it 416 because it’s 416 seconds long and didn’t really have a better idea for the name. The goal was to do more offpiste action but it’s hard to find people who are down to film each other on a good pow day. That’s why I only have a few powshots and most of them are filmed by myself on a selfiestick… Most of the filming was made by friends. We just tried to film each other and have a good time.

In Adelboden I had the opportunity to be a part of a few crazy sunset sessions. The park was insane over there last winter, BIG UP to Marcel Brünisholz and the whole shape crew! In Leysin I went filming with my good friends from Buldoz and we also had a sick sunset session. Big thanks to the Leysin shape crew too!

Do you have any special anecdotes about one of those filming sessions?
Not really… But the sunset session in Adelboden was pretty dope. When we were done we chilled at the park bar till it was dark, we enjoyed a few beers and got really cold. I’m already looking forward to those eves.

Marinho tweaking it

What’s going on with LA Negros? Is it still alive?
At the moment we don’t have any specific plans but we are still in contact with each other sometimes. I think we’ll try to make a reunion one weekend and then a little party with a little video or something.

Do you have any plans for the next season?
Actually there is a plan in my mind for a bigger “Movie-project” which I’ll try to put together this winter. But I can’t really tell you more yet…

We could watch this all day long…

Thanks Marinho for the nice interview, and congrats on your new video, we love it! Don’t hesitate to check Marinho’s instagram if you want to see more of those nice clips.