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Framed With Marinho Meyer

Last spring I was scrolling down my instagram, when I saw a skier literally jumping […]

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Grand Prix Interview with a Winner

If you read TWIN 14, you saw that Elevenate ran a photo competition, offering the winner the opportunity to spend a weekend in Verbier with Jimmy Odén. Jimmy is the co-founder of E11, but more importantly, he is one of the finest guides in Europe. Elias Burgherr ended up winning the comp, so he went […]


Motion Distilled. By Sam Smoothy

In an age where constant content is king, high quality ski photography can seem a little marginalized. Often relegated to the sidelines of a film production, sniping at the action while the main focus is on the film camera angles. With so many moving parts, the photographer’s angle is frequently less than ideal, but they’re […]


X Women’s Segment in Leysin

We’re pretty exited about Faction’s new movie, The Collective. But don’t worry if you missed the premieres, we’ll have it on our site for you soon. Since they just released the X Women’s Segment, we thought it would be a good opportunity to check in with Anna Smoothy, to hear more about the movie and […]


Armando Guetg [ underexposed ]

So much talent, so few pages in our Annual. That’s the ongoing theme of our underexposed series. A perfect example is the creative force that is Armando Guetg. Get to know him better in our latest interview… Hey Armando, can you introduce yourself for our readers who don’t know you? Thanks for having me! Yeah […]


Take-off A ski odessey with Fantin Ciompi

Making movies has become cheaper and easier than ever. But for some reason, most skiers seem content to drop a season edit that follows the same format as the same sponsor-me tapes that we used to get sent to us 20 years ago. That’s why we were pretty stoked to see a different approach from […]