Meet the ALSF Freestyling Lac Leman

We’re always stoked when the older riders extend a helping hand to the next generation, and a guy like Jean-Charles Périat is a great example of that. His involvement at the local level around Lac Leman is helping to grow skiing in a way that’s both progressive and creative, while keeping the emphasis on fun. We caught up […]


Hill Jam 9 Coming in Hot...

The airfield in Buochs is the place to be on March 17th and 18th for the 9th edition of the Hill Jam. Some of our favorite local skiers will put on a show, followed by an impressive musical lineup. It’s one of a kind event in central Switzerland, so be sure to mark your calendar. Festivities kick […]


Scott Cheap [ underexposed ]

This week we’re happy to introduce you to yet another upcoming Swiss photo-savant: the one and only Scott Cheap. While Scott’s already built up quite an impressive footprint on social media, he’s still quite new to the game and evolving at an impressive rate. We were lucky to pin him down between his travels to […]


Jahouse Collective BABY

Es braucht einiges an Motivation und Determinierung einen Skifilm zu produzieren, wie das Kollektiv Jahouse uns im Dezember präsentierte. Die Jungs aus der Region La Chaux-de-Fonds, Biel, Tavannes und Moutier ziegen uns Street Skifahren und Snowboarden wie wir es uns wünschen. Mit einfachsten Mitteln und Kreativität schaufeln die Jungs an diversen mehr oder weniger bekannten Orten vor allem […]


Gianmarco Allegrini [ underexposed ]

After the good response we got from our last underexposed with Antonin Maudry we decided to head a bit further east and keep the eye candy rolling. Looking at the stacks of submissions this season, one new name just can’t be ignored. Gianmarco Allegrini sent shots over to us for the first time and we were really […]


Double-Oh Anthamatten Glacier madness in Zermatt

We knew Sam was incredibly skilled but his latest Playground edit is just so damn impressive. It’s been a while since we talked with him so we were happy when our friends from Timeline Missions sent over the transcript from a recent conversation. Scroll to the bottom if you haven’t seen the clip, read on to […]